Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Amy and I’m so pleased you’ve made it to my blog. It’s kinda strange to think that I have a blog about fitness and health. When I was a kid, I was one of those who was good at everything at school, but hated P.E. and sports. I was never picked first for teams, not even close, and my only goal was to get to the end of the class. I had no interest in learning anything.

That all changed when I was 14 and took up karate. Actually, I’d had no intention of taking up karate, any kind of sport was just not my thing, but my aunt came over one day and said to me, “Amy, you need to go to karate (she had taken her kids to a local class), the teacher is gorgeous!” I was pretty skeptical that this could be true enough to make me go, so I said “Mmmmm, nah. It’s not my thing”. The next week she came back and said the same thing. I said , “I can’t, I have band practice that night”, (yip, I was a band geek too) so she took my brother. The next week, when she dropped him off, she again told me, “You need to see this guy, he’s just beautiful”, so I gave in and went along. And she was right, so I stayed.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love. I took every class going and all the extra ones, I went to every competition and weekend course, I had 1-on-1 sessions with the instructors and it turned out that I was really good at karate. I skipped 6 of the 13 grades on the way up and was the youngest person to be allowed to go to Japan and train before I even had a black belt. I won national and international medals. I lived for it; the discipline, the physical challenges, the people. By the time I was 16, I was training 11 hours a week as well as 2 weekly yoga classes and going to the gym, trampolining, playing badminton and swimming every week. After I moved away for uni, I took up cheerleading, pole dancing and weight lifting, so I’ve been around!

From all of these different disciplines, I’ve learned a lot about fitness and health and I want to share that with people. Exercise is fun if done right, it’s not a chore where you force yourself to the gym and suffer through a 5kg run just to fit into your jeans again. It’s about taking some pride in your body being strong and healthy, testing it to find out what you can do and discovering that it’s more than you thought you could. It’s also about having some self-esteem and confidence. If you love yourself and look after yourself then your quality of life goes up significantly.

This mindset also applies to the online business world that I have only recently discovered. So much of how you see yourself and the world determines what your life will be and the mindsets that I’ve learned from the successful people in business filter through into every part of daily life, so as well as exercise, I’ll be talking about the things that we do each day that can improve everything about us.

The point of this blog is to help you become the ultimate you by showing you the things I’m doing to become the ultimate me. You may have noticed just here that I usually have a lot to say! Almost all of my posts are well over 1,000 words, but I promise that each word has a purpose and that purpose is to be valuable and provide you with information and motivation to take your life and make it incredible. It’s what I’m doing and I’m glad you’re here with me for the journey.