April Review

April Goals Review
Written by Amy

At the start of the year I published my goals for 2017. I also promised to keep you updated on my progress with them. This is the first update to see how on track I am, to keep my accountable and to show you how it's going. I had planned on breaking it down into monthly reviews for the first quarter of the year so you can see exactly how it all came about. However, when I wrote the January review, it got quite long, so I've decided to give you monthly reviews instead. Here is the April Review for you.

You can read the whole start of year goals post here, but as a quick reminder, here's what I promised. One blog post a week, totalling 50 this year; 3 niche sites up and running by the end of the year; all three credit cards cleared; save £1,000 and to finish the Insanity workout programme.

The Blog Promise

This month I started my new Freedom Journal (link - Freedom Journal Post). Today, as this post is published, is day 10, so the last day of the first sprint. My goal for it was to write the first 5 blog posts for this season. These 100 days are going to be all about fitness. So I did write 5 blog posts in 10 days, which I think is quite impressive, but I wrote them on the wrot topics.

I got interested in a nutrition course I’m taking and during my research for that I ended up getting excited and writing articles about gut health and metabolism instead. Oops! It’s ok though, because after the 100 days of fitness, we’re going to do 100 days of nutrition here anyway, so it’s just getting me ahead for that season. It does mean that I’m a bit behind for this one, but don’t worry. You will be getting a weekly blog post still. I just may lose a small amount of sleep at the start catching up!

Making Niche Sites

My niche site is going well, I think. I now have 6 professional looking articles on there and the site itself looks good and functions well. I’ve learned a lot doing it and the way I write on there has also taught me a lot about writing here as well. For the next 20 days, it’s going to be on pause while I write for this site. My plan is to get the 100 days worth of articles for here written in 30 days (I did it in 40 with the last journal and I feel like I know what I’m doing more now, so this is a very achievable goal) and then spend the next 70 days focused completely on PlayRightMeow.

I’m not sure though, that I will make it to my target of 3 sites by the end of the year. Making a site takes a lot more time and work that I had realised when I made that goal. It’s not just the articles, which take a lot of time on their own, it’s everything else that goes with it that I didn’t know about.

Once you have a site full of good information, you then have to market that site. You have to build links to each article so that Google can find them and you do this by convincing other people to link to your site. This can sometimes be a favour from another site you know or it can be from guest posting on someone else’s site or supplying infographics… There’s a lot of time and work goes into just that part of it too.

I have an idea for my second site and I think I’ll get it started this year. I believe that I’ll get enough done on it to be able to say that I have 2 niche sites, but not 3. Not if I want to do it properly. I guess I could throw up 2 more quickly and just let them sit there while I work on PlayRightMeow, but I don’t think that’s the best way to do it just now. I want to get one doing really well, to the point that I can leave it for a while, before I take on another one.

I’m ok with just having 2 though. It’s still more than the none that I started with and it’s 67% of my start of year target. Also, the start of year target was unrealistic due to lacking information, so it’s good to reassess these things as we go along.

The Money Stuff

Clearing the Credit Cards

My cleared credit card is still clear, woot! I’ve decided now that the best way to go about the other two is to pick one and clear it, then start work on the other one. So now I’, making the minimum payments on one and clearing a good chunk off the other each month. I think this works well as I get to actually see the balance coming down significantly each month, instead of watching them both only kinda move. It’s much more motivating.

April Goals Review


Thanks to my £2 coin jar and my monthly payments into my savings account, I’m currently on track to save double the £1,000 I had aimed for. I’d broken it down into targets to be met at certain points of the year and I’m already as far as the September deadline. Yey savings!

Earning £500/month

No change here since last month. There are a million ideas in my head, I just need to get them out and take over the world with them. It can be quite overwhelming though when I stop and look at them all. I just think how on earth am I going to have the time to make all of these real?

Health Goals

Organising My Food

This one has been a bit harder this month. At the start of April, my fiancé and I split up. For the next 2 weeks after that, I was moving around between friends, living from my backpack and what I could carry with me and not fully in control of my food. I think I did pretty well, considering the circumstances.

I still managed to make it to the gym 3 times a week and did not resort to takeaway as an option. For 4 days, a friend cooked for me dinner and lunches, which was amazing. It was all vegan food and delicious. I even noticed that my skin and nails felt much better that week. Interesting!

The Insanity Challenge

Again, due to circumstances this month, I’ve not been able to start this as I’ve not been able to commit to consistently being at the gym every day. For now, I’m at home and I started the workouts this week, but only tentatively. I have this thing where I get a cold every time I change my workout, especially if I increase the intensity of it. So to go from weight training 3 times a week to insanity every day would result in me getting sick.

For this reason, I’ve started doing it every other day and not pushing too hard to get through the whole workout. I’m hoping this will acclimatise my body to taking on the workouts. Now I just need to figure out a routine for when I swap the flat with my ex. Currently we have an agreement that we each get 2 weeks in the flat and alternate it.

Some Unexpected Extras

Despite the disruption to my life and daily schedule, I’ve managed to keep some good routines. I still meditate every day and I still move forward in my goals with my Freedom Journal. Setting these habits earlier in the year has helped massively to keep the chaos of my current situation to a minimum. Learning how to make habits at the start of the year has been beneficial.

April Review Summary

April has been a bit of a test, but looking at my progress towards my goals, I’d say that I passed it ok. Despite all that’s gone on, I’m still on track for everything that I want to achieve this year. Writing these reviews definitely helps as it gives me a chance to step back and look at the big picture and see where I am in relation to it. I hope it’s at least interesting for you too and even motivational to do the same with your goals.

Speaking of goals, how are you getting on with yours from the start of the year? Share your progress in the comments!



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