Ashy Bines 28 Day Ab Challenge Review

As those of you who have read my 30 Day Nutrition diary know, I have recently given up running. This is due to recurring colds and infections that mean I keep having to take time away from working out. When I do get back into it, it takes 2-3 weeks to get back to where I was and be able to breathe throughout a full run. So I went on the hunt for a new workout.

Hybrid Athlete Body Weight Programme

Initially, I looked at the Hybrid Athlete 6 week body weight workout. The Hybrid Athlete is a company founded and run by Anthony and and Joe Vennare, brothers from America. Their business model is a very interesting one. They offer ALL of their workouts for free with the option to pay for them if you want to. Even then, you can choose how much you want to pay, whether it’s $5 or $20. This means you can try the programmes out and if they don’t work for you, there’s no loss. If they do work for you, you can give back what you think it was worth. I heard about them through an interview with Anthony on the Smart Passive Income podcast so thought I’d check them out.

First Impressions

The first thing I found, and this is that their website isn’t very good. This was the main reason I didn’t stick with them. There’s a link from the first page to the second page and then you really have nowhere to go. There’s no clear way for me to navigate through the site and just have a nosy around. I gave it a little more credit because they were on SPI and I kept looking. The workout I found that interested me was the 6 week body weight programme. This I actually found as the 3rd Google hit for Hybrid Athlete, rather than through their page. Again, it wasn’t clear how to find the workout on the page once I was there. It said do Warm up A, but then I had to go back and search through the FAQs to find what Warm up A was.

The Reason I Didn’t Stick With This

The exercises have all been given names. Some of them are obvious, like Elbow to Knee (you crunch your elbow and your knee together). Some of them are not so obvious, like the Dog Bird… There’s then a separate page of links for the exercise videos that take you to their YouTube channel so you can watch a 20-45 second video showing you what this move is. If you’re doing this on your phone because you’re at the gym, or even at home, you have to keep open 2 tabs on your browser, switch between the workout tab and the video tab and then get redirected to the YouTube app to watch the video and then navigate back to the browser and switch back to the workout page from the exercise videos page each time you needed to find out what that move is.

It Did Have Some Good Points Too!

The video list is also not complete. They even say not all the moves are on here, if you can’t find one, search our YouTube channel. This was just too much for me. I don’t want to have all of this going on while working out. I want it to be seamless and efficient. My workouts are in the mornings. I don’t have time for all this to get through a workout and make it work on time. It’s probable that after having gone through it several times, you’ll learn the moves and not have to look them up. I just don’t have the resolve to get to that point. I want a workout that just works.

With regards to the actual workouts though, I do think these are pretty good. If they sorted out their website I would happily sign up for the 6 week programme. I got through the first workout and at the time thought, “That was kinda easy, I’m not sure about this”. Then the next day everything ached a bit so took back my skepticism. I made it through the first week of these before looking for an alternative. They were good workouts, they make you sweat and make you ache. I didn’t hate it at any point, I just don’t have patience or perseverance with the website issues.

The Ashy Bines 28 Day Ab Challenge

Soon after, I came across Ashy Bines, possibly through a Facebook ad, though I can’t quite remember. I checked out her Facebook page and found that it wasn’t awesome. In fact, it’s a mess! It’s full of different things like pictures of her baby and videos from her “reality TV show” that she has on YouTube, rants about things other fitness trainers say about her. You have to search through it a bit to filter out the workout posts, so when it offered her 28 Day Ab Challenge for just US$7, I took a while longer looking before I signed up for it.

I wanted some kind of evidence that she actually knew what she was doing and I didn’t really find it. It also promises all kinds of things that make me cringe like “target cellulite” and “burn belly fat while you sleep”. But despite any kind of logical judgement or supporting evidence, I joined her programme.

A Pleasant Surprise

I then spent a couple of hours reading through the Ab Challenge website, I have to admit to becoming more impressed. I’ve been an athlete since I was 14. I started karate and then and trained obsessively for 5 years. I also took up trampolining, badminton, yoga, swimming and started going to the gym around the same time. Later, I added cheerleading and pole dancing, so I have a reasonable amount of experience in sports and fitness. I can quickly spot a fitness instructor who doesn’t know what they’re talking about or who is giving bad advice. I also have a degree in biology, so I have have a pretty good idea too how the body functions.

The fitness tips, exercises and nutrition fact and information from Ashy mostly checks out. It all makes sense and I didn’t see anything that looks like it’ll cause harm or is blatantly wrong. At no point does she mention losing weight or being thin, it’s all about targeting and toning the areas you want to, such as tummies, bums and legs.

Tailored To Your Needs

After you sign up, you  do a quiz to find out what body type you are and set your goals based on that. This is a great thing to do as there’s no point in me saying I want to look like Julia Roberts when I’m 5 foot and quite clearly pear shaped (how sexy does that sound :-/ ). Then you fill out a questionnaire to determine what kind of body profile and “Belly Blueprint” you have. Depending on the results, you receive workout and nutrition plans designed for your body.

It does take a bit of organising. You can’t just sign up and wander off to the gym with your new workout. The nutrition plan that goes with it will take some organising to get your shopping in and planning your meals. The good thing about the plans are that there are three options (for my profile anyway) so you can chose an eating plan that suits your eating habits.

There’s a plan for people who eat 6 small meals through out the day, for people who eat regular meals and have a couple of snacks in between and for people who just eat big meals and not much else. You can also chose whether you want to do a home workout or a gym workout, so if you don’t have a gym membership, this is still completely accessible to you, as long as you’re female. Ashy designed the workouts specifically for women and tailored them to our bodies, metabolisms and hormones.

I’m looking forward to starting it and keeping you up in the loop on how it goes. Don’t forget to subscribe for the updates!

(Now that I’ve finished it, I’ve written review of how I found it and my results).


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