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Awesome Cashew Butter Fat Balls (GF, Vegan)

cashew butter fat balls
Written by Amy

These little fat balls of happiness are my go-to snack when I want to treat these days. They taste AMAZING and they have all natural ingredients with no added sugar. But yet, they feel like I'm eating dessert. I just love them and have to only take a couple at a time to work with me or else I'll eat the whole box in one day. They are also super easy to make, though there is a little bit of a "hands-on " element to rolling them. Luckily,  have played around with the ratios of the ingredients and I don't end up in quite the same mess I did at the start!


  • 160g pitted dates
  • 30g walnuts
  • 160g cashew butter
  • 100g chocolate chips (conveniently, 1 packet of Dr Oetker chips!)
cashew butter balls ingredients


  • Put the dates, walnuts and cashew butter into a blender and blend until it makes a smooth consistency (if your blender is as rubbish as mine, you may need to do this in stages, dates then nuts then butter).
  • Add the chocolate chips in and mix them through the mixture. Do not blend them or they will melt and your balls won’t set without being kept in the fridge.
  • Roll into small balls and leave in the fridge for ~30 minutes. Or eat immediately. Both options work.


  • To make sure it’s vegan, use dark / vegan chocolate chips.
  • You can also add desiccated coconut or even protein powder to these, but bare in mind this will make them slightly drier so you may need to adjust the butter content.
  • Feel free to substitute with your favourite nut butter like peanut or almond. I just love the cashew one.

Nutritional Content

The nutritional content of each ball will depend on how big or small you make them. I generally get between 17 and 21 balls from my mix depending how I roll them on the day. Because of this, I've added below the nutritional values for the entire mixture. This way you can just divide it by the number of balls you end up with and, assuming they are roughly the same size, this will give you a more accurate measurement of each one.



% Kcals


















I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and let me know if you try the variations. I haven't experimented with these at all because I love them just how they are so share your version with us!

If you want to get a downloadable version of this recipe, just click here! ​

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