The Freedom Journal Review

The Freedom Journal Reviewed
Written by Amy

The Freedom Journal is essentially a project planning tool. It was created by John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire (EoFire) to help people set and accomplish their goals. The accomplish part is the important part of this. He was finding from his followers that this was what they were struggling with and he was finding from the successful people he was interviewing that this was what they all seemed to have in common.

The Freedom Journal is, as you might suspect, a journal that helps people to set achievable goals and accomplish them in 100 days. It talks you through how to set SMART goals and how to break those goals up into small, everyday actions that will guarantee you achieve them by the end of the 100 days. And it works!

Freedom Journal Review

How It Works

The way it works is by getting you to first set your goal for the next 100 days. The Freedom Journal talks you through it by making sure that your goals are SMART and showing you how to do this.

Once you have realistic, achievable goals set down, you then break them up into 10 day sprints. These sprints allow you to look at your overall goal and think about breaking it into sections to be achieved one at a time to add up to the bigger picture. They also get you to take stop breaks every 10 days and review how well you’re doing. This way you can see if you’re on track or not. Now that you’re 10% of the way through the 100 days, are you 10% of the way to achieving your goal? It means that if you’re not, you’ll see it in time to make adjustments and get yourself back on course. The same idea applies to the quarterly reviews where you review your progress every 15 days.

Within the sprints, you then break tasks up into daily actions. Each day, you write down what your number one focus for that day is. What one thing will you do today that gets you closer to your goal? These small steps and daily consistent action are what make dreams come true. Every single day, I know that I have done something that is going to improve my life and get me closer to what I want from it. Every evening I can fill it in and feel good about my day, knowing that tomorrow is going to be a better day because of it.

My Freedom Journal Journey

I want to start by setting the tone of this review straight away. I LOVE my Freedom Journal! If you’ve read any of my goal setting posts, you’ll already have heard me mention it far too many times already and I’m sure I’ve managed to squeeze it into a few other posts as well. This is not an unbiased, objective review of the Freedom Journal with pros and cons. This is an I <3 Freedom Journal kind of review.

A Little Bit Of Backstory

So assuming you don’t yet know me, I’m one of those people who loves planning things. I love goal setting and making a plan and a lists and colour coded schedules. I love dreaming big and working out how to get from here to dream. However, after I spend a week colour coding and arranging my plan of action, I tend to have lost the motivation by the time it comes to doing the actual work. I always start with the best of intentions, but more often than not, I don’t make it to the end of my carefully constructed plan.

The Freedom Journal changed that.

Freedom Journal Results

My 2017 Goals

At the start of the year, I made my goals for 2017. This is something I haven’t done before; make yearly goals. I normally think shorter term, but this year is the last one that I’ll spend having to work 9-5 just to survive. That life is over for me come December 2017. So at Christmas, I sat down and decided what direction I wanted this year to go in and how I would get there. I even drew it out twice to make sure it was right and corrected the colour coding… My plan was to try out the Freedom Journal to get this blog site more consistent and then to use the next two to make niche sites; 100 days on each site. Seemed like a good plan.

For the blog, I wanted to post something every week. Up until this year, I’d post sporadically. Sometimes two or three posts in a month and then nothing for the next two-three months. No wonder no-one read anything! So I worked out how many Mondays there were in the first 100 days of the year (15) and I dedicated my Freedom Journal to writing 15 blog posts. I had them all written in 40 days.

As I mentioned, I usually don’t even make it through a project. Yet here I was with the entire thing completed in just 40% of the time I’d given myself to do it. This then left me 60 days to get ahead on my next project before even starting another Freedom Journal. With these 60 days, I set up as my first niche site. The website is up and running and the first 4 articles are written and uploaded. It’s starting to look pretty good, if I do say so myself! I would never have been so productive and organised without my Freedom Journal.


It is my humble opinion, that everyone and anyone who wants to achieve anything at all in life, needs a Freedom Journal. It literally changed my life. For the last 88 days, I’ve been more focused and productive that I’ve ever been. And I’ve achieved so much because of it. If you just need a little bit of accountability or something to focus your broad plans, get a Freedom Journal. You won’t regret it and you can’t fail with it.


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