July Review, 2017

July Review
Written by Amy

At the start of the year I published my goals for 2017. I also promised to keep you updated on my progress with them. This is the first update to see how on track I am, to keep my accountable and to show you how it's going. I had planned on breaking it down into monthly reviews for the first quarter of the year so you can see exactly how it all came about. However, when I wrote the January review, it got quite long, so I've decided to give you monthly reviews instead. Here is the July Review for you, the halfway point!

You can read the whole start of year goals post here, but as a quick reminder, here's what I promised. One blog post a week, totalling 50 this year; 3 niche sites up and running by the end of the year (this has now been edited to 2 sites after I discovered how much time/work 1 site requires!); all three credit cards cleared; save £1,000 and to finish the Insanity workout programme.

The Blog Promise

In July, I published only one blog post. After barely floating in June, I started sinking in July. Adding Upwork assignments was just too much to keep up with. I was trying to write for the blog, write for the Upwork deadlines, write for PlayRightMeow and missing every mark. This was discouraging and resulted in me getting nothing done by trying to get too much done. I fell so far behind that I stopped even writing in my Freedom Journal. At the end of the month I came to terms with the fact that I just can’t do everything. If you prioritise everything, you prioritise nothing. So the blog promise is being dropped.

This does make me sad, but it’s the least profitable thing I’m doing right now. For the rest of the year, I’m going to focus on PlayRightMeow and building my Upwork portfolio as these things have a direct ROI on my time and effort. When I have spare time, i’ll write for the blog so it won’t be totally neglected, but it won’t be my focus. Next year I have big plans for it so if these other things are sorted by then, I’ll be much more free to give all my energy to my next planned venture.

Making Niche Sites

Two more sales were made from PlayRightMeow this month! So I earned $10.20. Still not quite enough to leave my job for, but double what it was in June. All the items were cat related as well, which makes me happy. I’ve sold 2 litter boxes and a litter mat. I know other people who have things like telescopes and get sales for nursing chairs, which is still awesome. A sale is a sale. But I like the fact that my articles are convincing people to buy the things I’m reviewing. Let’s hope for double again in August!

The Money Stuff

Clearing the Credit Cards

Next month, I’ll have more to report on this 😉



July Review

Earning £500/month

Income earned outside of my wages this month was £100 and $60.20. I’m not sure how to combine them… I guess with currency converter that £145.50. Since the £100 is my standard personal training fee, I have doubled what I earned online last month, when I made $30.76. Things are finally getting going! Yeah it’s only $60, but last month it was half that and the month before it was nothing. This would be a nice trend to keep going.

Health Goals

Organising My Food

Sometimes this goes really well. There was one week that I just made tonnes of everything and froze the extras and this food lasted 2 weeks from one cooking session! Then that ran out, I was tired at the weekend and there was a whole week with last minute meals and no control over my macros. Being organised requires time and I constant feel like time is a premium I can’t always afford. Everything that I do means there’s something else I’m not doing. If I’m cooking, I’m not writing, if I’m writing, I’m not exercising, if I’m exercising, I’m not sleeping… I do think that generally I eat better and I’m more aware of my food intake now. I just need to get down a good system for always having food available that doesn’t rely on so much of my time.

The Insanity Challenge

Meh. This has come to a halt again. The problem is that I have to walk to work at the moment. The person who gives me a lift takes the whole of August off. He also took the last week of July as well as he didn’t have a car for a while. This means that I need to leave for work at 7:45am to get there on time. To fit in an Insanity workout and shower before that, I’d have to be at the gym for opening time at 6:30 and I have not yet managed to do this. As I was writing here that “I don’t have time” though, I’ve realised that this is not true. I just have to be more dedicated and actually get up in the morning. Ok, no more excuses. Let’s do this!

Going to the gym in the evening does not work for me. I feel like I lose the only free time I have in the day as I would go straight to the gym after walking for an hour to get there from work, do my workout, come home and shower, start dinner and eat and by then it’s usually 8:30pm or sometimes later and I don’t get anything else done in the day other than working out. This causes me a lot of stress as well as I’m tired after work and I don’t want to exercise after all day on my feet, not enough food and walking home for an hour. Mornings are the best way to do it.

July Review Summary

At the start of the month, I felt totally overwhelmed and a bit depressed. I felt like I was failing. Then I realised that the only things I was missing were self-imposed deadlines that were not going to destroy my life if they were a day late and that were just causing me stress. Once I made peace with letting some things go, life got a bit easier.

Setting goals at the start of the year is a great thing to do and it’s given me focus for the last 6 months. I’ve achieved a lot, more than I ever have before! But life flows and moves and your goals have to change along with it. I didn’t realise this until just the last week or so when I finally decided that it was ok to let go of the blog promise. I wrote consistently for 6 months, publishing good content very week so I know that I can do it. It’s longer than i’ve ever stuck to anything and I learned a lot. However, it is a bit unrealistic to set goals for a whole year and then be completely rigid on them. New circumstances have arisen and my day to day actions need to change to fit with my day to day situations.

I am not giving up, I’m just altering my focus and the things I am moving my focus to are things that will help me achieve other goals that I set for the year, like earning £500 over my wages each month, clearing my credit cards and saving some money for the future. I’m pausing one goal to achieve another. Then I’ll go back to it and smash it later. I’m ok with this. I think it’s the right thing to do and I think it’s important to remember that things change and that’s ok. Long term goals are great, but there needs to be some flexibility on how you achieve them.

How are you getting on with your goals from the start of the year? Share your progress in the comments!

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