June Review 2017

Monthly Review
Written by Amy

At the start of the year I published my goals for 2017. I also promised to keep you updated on my progress with them. This is the first update to see how on track I am, to keep my accountable and to show you how it's going. I had planned on breaking it down into monthly reviews for the first quarter of the year so you can see exactly how it all came about. However, when I wrote the January review, it got quite long, so I've decided to give you monthly reviews instead. Here is the June Review for you, the halfway point!

You can read the whole start of year goals post here, but as a quick reminder, here's what I promised. One blog post a week, totalling 50 this year; 3 niche sites up and running by the end of the year; all three credit cards cleared; save £1,000 and to finish the Insanity workout programme.

The Blog Promise

This month, I missed my weekly blog post for the first time this year. Not having them done in advance has been pretty detrimental. It takes a lot of time to put together a valuable article for you and I’m not comfortable publishing content that’s not of a certain quality. Facts need to be backed up and I spend a lot of time clicking through sources to find the actual research papers. I enjoy doing it and I love learning about what I’m sharing with you, but it’s hard to keep it up when I’m doing a bunch of other things too.

A couple of posts have also been late. One was due to the website being updated (have you seen the new URL?) but one was due to not being organised. I even took a full week off work, but spent it catching up rather than getting ahead.

Making Niche Sites

PlayRightMeow made its first sale this month!! Woot!! So I earned $5.76. I’m probably not going to retire just yet, but it’s the start. And it came after me not doing very much for it while I tried to get a Freedom Journal’s worth of stuff ready for this site. It’s exciting and it shows that it does work. Now that I’m adding more content to the site and about to start outreach to get some links, I’m really starting to believe that it will make a contribution to my new life next year.

The Money Stuff

Clearing the Credit Cards

There’s no real change here with this one. I’m still one card down and working away at the other. The third one is just being ignored for now. I’m not sure if that’s going to be good or bad when I finally start working on it...



June Review

Earning £500/month

This month I joined Upwork, an online writing… Agency? Programme? Basically, I joined as a freelance writer and then get paid to write other people’s articles. This takes a lot of time. As much as writing an article for this site sometimes, and so far I’ve earned $25. Since I have no experience at writing online other than for here and for PlayRightMeow, I went in as a beginner. Beginners do not get paid well. I’m getting $5 for an article that Anthony would have paid $30 for and the standard of my articles are significantly higher. It’s in understandable English for a start!

The amount of time I put into it is nowhere near worth amount of money that I’m making from it. However, I’m building a portfolio and hopefully I’ll get a good reference from the people I’m currently writing for. Once I have a better profile, I’ll be able to apply for higher paid jobs. That’s the theory anyway. As it is, I will never again take a project for as little as am currently being paid. It has to offer AT LEAST double or it’s just not worth it. Still, this month I made my standard ~£100 for y personal training and then $30 more, which is $30 more than any other month this year. Bring on the small monthly increases!

Health Goals

Organising My Food

I continued with my new experiment from with food from last month. Not as strictly, but I have many more ketogenic snacks rather than carb based ones. My body seems to do very well on it. Being vegetarian has made this much harder as there are more vegetable based foods. Meat is basically carb free, so to replace it with a plant-based substitute for each mile has been a bit of a challenge. I think I felt much better eating meat, but I’m not going to give up on finding vegetarian options. I’ll just maybe do half and half this month. Any kind of reduction in meat consumption is beneficial, you don’t have to go full vegan to make an impact. You can see more of my thoughts on that here.

The Insanity Challenge

This has started! Not fully, just 2 days a week at the moment. I get sick if I dive right into it and actually, even with just 2 week and strength training twice a week, I’m starting to suspect that I feel a cold coming on. Though now I don’t think it’s actually a cold. It’s not a viral infection as such, it’s more like an immune response. But yes, by the next review, this should be going well 🙂

June Review Summary

June has been a bit of a stressful month. I feel a bit like I’m only just managing to float and one more thing will sink me. I’ve missed blog deadlines for the first time this year. PlayRightMeow does not have as many articles as I wanted it to have by this point. I took a week off work for the last week of June with the intention of doing a mid-year audit on this site. I mostly spent that week catching up on all the things I hadn’t made it to. Well, catching up on some of the things. I’m still behind. I know that it’s all self-imposed deadlines and missing them doesn’t make or break anything just now, but it stresses me out missing them all the same.

My Upwork commitments are taking up the majority of my time for minimal return. I know that it’s an investment in my “writing career”, but it feels like a lot. I just have to get through this project and then I can get some more out of it. This is also something that I can do from other anywhere that has a wifi connection. So when I move to Argentina or Australia next year, I can earn while I’m there without the panic of needing to hunt down a job. This is only useful, though, if I earn enough to actually fund at least part of my life. It’s not so useful as it stands now.

Soon, though. Half the year is now gone and I’m closer to escaping than to anything else. We’re down to months and days. Then I can focus on these things completely and make my life what it’s supposed to be.

How are you getting on with your goals from the start of the year? Share your progress in the comments!


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