My Younique Journey – The Final Curtain

Written by Amy

So here we are, another 6 months it, making it 18 months in total since I started Younique. And nothing has actually changed since my last post. To be fair, I haven’t been trying all that hard. I decided to give it to the end of the year (now) and if it hadn’t gotten any better then it was going to drop in my list of priorities. This was maybe a bit unfair because after deciding this, it lost its place in my priorities anyway. I didn’t give it the full 6 month chance I had promised it.

Let me take you back a bit to when this all came about. At the end of July 2016, I went on holiday to Rhode Island for a week. When I came back, I gave a week to my fiancé and spent some extra time with him. During this time, I realised that I missed my life. I had given up so much of my spare time to work on Younique stuff that I’d been missing out on the little things that makes a relationship special.

At the time, I hadn’t minded at all. I had done it willingly and knew that this sacrifice now was for the benefit of my future. However, it was now over a year on and the benefits still don’t come even close to balancing out the sacrifices. I knew that it wouldn’t at the start; the scale was tipped so that the amount of work you put in is disproportionate to what yo get back, but over time it’s supposed to start balancing out and then eventually start tipping the other way. I was not seeing any balancing, let alone tipping.

Not so long ago, I also started hearing things that made me think this was maybe not the way I wanted to go. My elite upline posted a video while feeding her new born baby and said that everyone can do this if they work hard enough. She was not special, she just worked her arse off; always on her phone, constantly on Facebook and that’s why she did well. She kept up with her customers and posted every day. These things are true. There are the things that you have to do consistently, but there’s a line as well.

I remember hearing this and thinking that’s not what I want; to be constantly on my phone. I want to have time to put it away and not look at it. To give my full attention to the people around me who are important to me. I don’t want to be always on Facebook. The free time I was supposed to be creating for myself was so I could spent more time with my friends or reading or drawing.

Soon after that, another member of our team went off on a cruise she won to Mexico. Our upline posted a video saying how proud she was of her, how much she deserved this trip, she had worked so hard and never taken a day off… I don’t know about you, but I quite like days off. If I had kids, I’d want to be spending time with them at the park, not sending them off to play while I go on Facebook. I love those moments feeding a new baby when it’s just you and them in the whole world. I wouldn’t want to be juggling that while doing a Facebook live. I’d want to cherish that moment because it doesn’t last long.

So I decided that making my millions though selling mascara probably wasn’t going to happen for me. It’s not that it doesn’t work, it does. There are loads of people out there who are doing it. I even know some of them! But the things that you have to do in order to have that life don’t fit in with the kind of life I want. I was doing it in order to have more time not working, not so that I could work more. It seems like they work always, just at home or in their personal time instead of an office.

And so it is, that this will be the last Younique Journey update. That door is now closing. I’m very thankful for all that it taught me. For the world of online business that it introduced me to. It would never have occurred to me without Younique that there was another option for life. I don’t have to just work at a job until I was too old to live fully, miss out on my entire life and be miserable forever. I will make my way in the word by living my dream and I would never have found the means to do it without Younique. The means to do it just wasn’t Younique.


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