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Seasonal fruit vegetables October
Written by Amy

This month, I have become slightly obsessed with pumpkin recipes. I’ve made keto pumpkin and cauliflower cannelloni (AMAZING!!), pumpkin and apple cake, pumpkin doughnuts… I just skipped the cinnamon in the recipes or sometimes replaced it with nutmeg. It’s a new experience for me this year and it got me wondering, since it’s pumpkin season, what else is in season? And that got me looking up seasonal foods to see what else I can experiment with.

Eating seasonal foods is the best way to eat. I only eat strawberries if they’re British strawberries and it’s summer time so they’re perfectly ripe. There’s a very small window in which to enjoy strawberries here, which is sad as they’re one of my favourite fruits. I just don’t like it when they’re bland or sour after they’ve been so amazing in July. Anyway, seasonal eating is something that I’ve meant to look into for a while and never got round to it so as I was doing my food shopping today and thinking about all the pumpkin I have, it seemed like the perfect time to look up what else grows at this time of year.

I’ve compiled a list below for you of the fruits and vegetables that are ready for harvest in October. Some of them surprised me, such as apples, as I think of these as summer fruits. But now that I think about all the apples I see lying on the ground as I walk home from work, it seems pretty obvious that this is apple season! Same with tomatoes. I’ve always thought of them as warm weather fruits. I also came across a few places that said blackberries were ripe in October. Here in Scotland, blackberry season is over. It comes earlier, usually late August to September. Maybe they survive longer in warmer climates.

October Seasonal Fruit


Blackberries (climate dependent)









Star fruit


seasonal October apple
seasonal October blackberries
seasonal October cranberries
seasonal October figs
seasonal foods grapes October
seasonal foods October orange
Seasonal foods pears October
Seasonal Foods October Peppers
seasonal foods October plums
pomegranate seasonal October food
seasonal star fruit October
October seasonal foods tomato

October Seasonal Vegetables






Brussel sprouts (coming in for Christmas!)








Pak choi






Sweet potato

Swiss chard


Winter squash

Seasonal foods October artichoke
Seasonal foods October Aubergine
Seasonal foods October beetroot
Seasonal foods October broccoli
Seasonal foods October brussel sprouts
Seasonal foods October cabbage
Seasonal foods October celeriac
Seasonal foods October celery
Seasonal foods October garlic
Seasonal foods October kale
Seasonal foods October leek
Seasonal foods October lettuce
Seasonal foods October pak choi
Seasonal foods October parsnip
Seasonal foods October peas
Seasonal foods October pumpkin
Seasonal foods October radish
Seasonal foods October shallots
Seasonal foods October sweet potato
Seasonal foods October Swiss chard
Seasonal foods October turnip
Seasonal foods October winter squash

So there you have it, a list of the most awesome fruits and vegetables to be eating this month. I hope you find it useful in your food choices this week. If you want to have this list as a printable version or even just a PDF to transport with you to refer back to when you’re shopping, just click the button below to get a copy sent straight to you.

Did you find this article useful? Which of the seasonal foods did you try out? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share your favourite seasonal recipes.

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