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Protein Berry Smoothie

Today’s breakfast was a protein berry smoothie that was actually quite delicious. I’d dabbled before with adding fruit to my protein shakes, but with only minor success. I’d tried chocolate protein with banana and chocolate protein with blueberries, but neither of these impressed me much. This mixed berry one though is very tasty!

All of the supplements come from Arbonne. You can find them all here from the lovely Emma-Jane if you don’t have your own Arbonne consultant yet:

Chocolate Protein: 1 scoop

Vanilla Protein: 1 scoop

Digestion Plus: 1 packet

Fibre: 1 scoop

Greens: 1 scoop

Fresh Blueberries: 1 handful

Fresh Raspberries: 1 handful

Fresh Strawberries: 4 big ones

Top up with hazelnut milk (or almond milk / water / liquid of your choice), blend and enjoy.

Note: Add the protein at the end, after the other ingredients but before the hazelnut milk, or else it all sticks to the bottom of the cup and doesn’t dissolve. You can also use frozen berries. I do prefer fresh fruit and almost always use it for my smoothies, but I also currently have the world’s smallest freezer so am limited with what frozen food I can store at the moment.

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