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My Younique Journey – The 6 Month Update

Written by Amy

So technically it's 7 months in to my journey with Younique, I'm now a Yellow status presenter. I hit it on my 2nd month rather than the first like I planned, but that's totally cool, I got there and that's what counts. I also hit Fast Start, which is an incentive run in the first 90 days after joining. The targets are to sell 2,000 PRS (that is, Personal Retail Sales) and sponsor 3 people. To be honest, I feel like I cheated slightly. I sponsored one person who actually joined the business and my mum, who wanted the kit. I also signed up my fiancé and pinched his kit as it changed 2 weeks after I joined.

A lot of the sales were also my own. I was my own best customer. That's ok though, as I love all of the products that I bought and I have a few extra things on hand that I take to events and have sold to people face to face. The thing is, that's not sustainable. I now have everything that I personally use and while I could add to it, and I will over time, I don't need anything else for myself.

So after Fast Start, my sales have fallen. I still don't have the client base to keep up those levels of sales. My monthly sales are getting slowly higher again now after that initial dip though. I think that this is due to sheer persistence.

Consistency is key in this business and it's the only way to gain trust from people. I'm now getting messages from people asking me for products or advice as they're starting to see that I'm not giving up on this so I'll be around when they need something. I'm hopeful that this will continue to increase over time, but it is a slow process. Much slower than I had anticipated. I'm having to make readjustments to my initial plans.

Learning New Skills

I think it's also important to show people that I'm learning as well. I've always been very open about the fact that I wasn't into make-up before joining Younique and I'm still not. Not in the sense that I can't go out without it. Most of my videos are done with my hair tied back and no make-up on. Maybe not the best advertisement, but hey... I've put up my attempts at things as I've learned them or failed at them.

I've shown people my progression in learning, like going from three eyeshadows to wearing 7 all at once and from never having heard of contouring or blending buds and having no idea how to go about using them to showing them what I've learned from sessions with make-up artists and masterclasses. It makes me real and they can relate to me as having gone on a journey that I'm sharing rather than being a make-up artist that does awesome stuff with smokey eyes. I think people are less likely to buy makeup from that person as there's no saying that once they get whatever they bought, that they'll be able to make it look the same as when the expert did it. With me, they know that if I figured it out, they can too!

Building A Younique Team

Younique Update

As I mentioned, I sponsored one person in my first two months. Yesterday my second recruit joined. Recruiting is something I'm just not sure how to go about. Apparently just talking to people is supposed to do it, but I must be saying the wrong things. Last month, I took to posting in Work From Home groups. Initially, my post was quite generic about Younique and I added a picture of the kit. This got no response. I then changed it to be a personal post about my journey starting a business and put up a silly picture of me and some makeup.

Recently, three people messaged me for more info. This is three people more than I've had in the last 6 months! Unfortunately, none of them took it any further. I'm not sure if I said the wrong things or if it just wasn't for them. One woman wanted something that she could join for free. I feel that's pretty unrealistic. You can't get a business without some kind of investment and if you do, would you really take it seriously if you’d risked NOTHING to get it?

With my team of one, I have not made it to Pink status yet. My teammate made it to Yellow and outsold me for the last 4 months in a row. In January, she was in the top 10 sellers of our 702 person team until the last week. She's doing REALLY well, but not quite 2,000 PRS wholesale a month. I need some more peoples. My game plan is to make it to Pink by the end of March. I have another month to go with double my team. If I make my sales and my team keep up their current progress, I might just make it!

Hope For The Future

I'm optimistic with a new person joining as I do think that there's an initial peak in sales when you first join. You buy your own makeup and you get your mum and your family and your friends to get some and they do it to support you, but then that runs out and that's when you really have to start working hard. With that momentum and excitement from starting strong, you have to keep running and find your niche (pronounced "neesh" people, not "nich". Not ever, under any circumstances!).

I'm a little concerned that my team mate who's been doing really well is still relying a bit on her family and own sales to hit such high PRS. If her family can consistently provide this and she can sustain buying her own makeup every month then she's onto a winning formula right there, but if not she'll also have that dip soon and I'm not yet sure myself how to get all the way out of it to help her do it too. It's all a learning curve. In 6 months (ok, 5 months) when I give you my one year update, I'll hopefully be telling you all about the huge circle of customers I've acquired since now and how to go about it.

So stay tuned!


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