What’s In Season? – November Seasonal Foods

Seasonal food November
Written by Amy

Last month, I wrote a post about seasonal food in October that I was inspired to research after discovering my love of pumpkin. Eating the foods that are ripe in the correct season from where you live is so much better for us as they are more natural this way. They haven’t been forced or modified to grow in environments that don’t support them and they haven’t been preserved so strongly to transport as they’re local and fresh. It’s something that I’m going to try and be more mindful about so to keep me, and you, up to date with it, here are the foods that are naturally ready to harvest in November. In the northern hemisphere anyway.


Apples, again. I’m still not getting used to the idea that this is an autumn fruit.

Avocado - a great source of healthy fats and omegas.








seasonal November apple
seasonal food November
seasonal November cranberries
Seasonal foods November guava
November seasonal fruit kiwi
Seasonal foods November lemon
seasonal foods November orange
Seasonal foods pears November
seasonal November foods persimmons


Artichokes - artichokes in olive oil are delicious to add to a salad

Beetroot - if you don’t love beetroot, you can hide it in chocolate cake!

Bok choy - one of my favourite vegetables. Just sauté it with some soya sauce and sesame seeds.

Broccoli - try roasting it and adding cheese or making broccoli and cheese soup

Brussel sprouts

Butternut squash - interchangeable with sweet potatoes. I love this just roasted, but you can also make curries and soups from it.


Carrots - random fact: I only like carrots if they’re raw.

Celeriac - I have to admit to having never heard of this until last month…


Swiss chard

Fennel - makes soups and tea

Kale - Delicious baked until it’s crispy with some salt and pepper

Leek - I recently discovered an amazing keto pumpkin cannelloni recipe that replaces pasta with leek.



Potatoes - these are a staple in the UK with every meal all year round.


Turnip - in the UK, we mash this and have it with or instead of mashed potato. In Scotland, we have both with haggis as a traditional dish.

Winter squash

Seasonal foods November artichoke
Seasonal foods November beetroot
Seasonal foods November pak choi
Seasonal foods November broccoli
Seasonal foods November brussel sprouts
seasonal foods November butternut suash
Seasonal foods November cabbage
November seasonal foods carrots
Seasonal food November celery
Seasonal foods November Swiss chard
November seasonal foods fennel
Seasonal foods November leek
Seasonal foods November marrow
Seasonal foods November parsnip
seasonal November foods potatoes
Seasonal foods November pumpkin
Seasonal foods November turnip
Seasonal foods November winter squash

Other Foods

Chestnuts - roast them on an open fire!

Wild mushrooms

Seasonal November chestnuts
seasonal foods November wild mushrooms

I’m still getting my head around the fact that fruits grow in any season other than summer. I wonder if that comes from living in a country where we import basically all of our fruits because it’s too cold to grow any or if there was a gap in my education on harvest and agriculture? Either way, I’m learning now and it’s fun looking for new recipes that contain seasonal ingredients. I hope this is as interesting for you too.

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Did you find this article useful? Which of the seasonal foods did you try out? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share your favourite seasonal recipes.

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